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Set in the walled roman cathedral city of Chester The Ye Olde Kings Head a Tudor style property built in 1622 (The Stuart period) but erected on the foundations from the 13th century.
The building is recorded in the national heritage list for England as a designated Grade II* listed property.
The building was constructed for Peter the Clerk in 1208, he was the administrator of Chester castle. Having been trading for over 300 years (since 1714 to be precise) the Ye Olde Kings Head offers a unique British majestic experience.

The original foundations of this striking spooky building first lay in the year 1208. This handsome seventeenth-century building has a timber-framed top storey and a riot of fine ancient internal woodwork. It is said to stand on the site of the first stone built-house in Chester of which there is a record. The building was converted in 1622 to The Randle Holme Manor... Lord Randle Holme used to take in passing Trade Merchants along with various waifs and strays of the City... 
Have their energies not wanted to leave as this was such a warm welcoming home?
On New Years Eve 1982, a female guest was asleep in one of the rooms upstairs when she suddenly woke up at two o'clock in the morning. Those who knew her did not consider her to be the fanciful type and so took her testimony seriously. As she sat up, she was able to discern what she described as a "man in black". Although she could not see his face, he apparently examined her from a distance for a good while until the apparition disappeared into nothingness. She did not feel fear yet a sense of calming as the spectre stood close to the end of the bed. Unshook from her experience she spent her second nights stay in the same room, Room 6, at Ye Olde Kings Head.
The ghost of a child appears sometimes upstairs, having a particular fondness for bedroom Number 4. A different residential vibrational energy takes the form of a poltergeist from time to time. In one room it draws shakily on the mirror, in another, it irritatingly moves guests' items around. The cries of a young toddler are heard at times when there is no toddler around to make them... usually on a Sunday.
With frequent Energy readings from local Supernatural GhostBusting teams, we have plenty of photos and audio of activity.
Did you see us on "Most Haunted UK"?

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